Bridge Lighting Survey

Several years ago we began working with Alcoa to improve boating safety at the bridges on High Rock Lake.  Alcoa agreed to add high visibility warning markings to the beams of the bridges to help reduce the risk of someone hitting their head on the beams when the lake was near full.  The NC Department of Transportation MAY add anti-glare lighting at both ends of the bridges at a cost of approximately $1300 per year to help improve visibility at night, IF the public thinks it is a good idea.  If you've ever had trouble locating one of the bridges on a moonless night or run over one of the "No Wake" buoys because you couldn't see it, you should know exactly what we are talking about.  Please fill out our short survey so we can let NCDOT know what the public thinks of the idea. 


I think providing lighting at the 6 bridges that cross over High Rock Lake would be a good idea and would help improve boating safety at night.



          I don't think it would be a good idea



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