Press Release

Concerned Property Owners of High Rock Lake, Inc. (CPOHRL) is an incorporated bipartisan organization representing High Rock Lake property owners and other lake interested parties working for the enhancement of recreational use of High Rock Lake to insure the protection of surrounding property values. The Davidson County government is aware that property owners on the lake are one of the largest groups of taxpayers in the county and have a direct effect on the tax base. CPOHRL is committed to working with ALCOA through the current relicensing process and also with Davidson County in the development of the Master Recreational and Tourism Plan.

CPOHRL hosted the Davidson County Commissioner’s Forum on May 20th at the Southmont Fire Department. There were 8 candidates that participated in the forum: Alton Futrell, Loretta Martin, Priscilla Hege, Bill Joe Kepley, Fred McClure, Larry Potts, Scott McKinney and Fred Sink. The Candidates were given three questions to address related to issues vital to the lake community. 

The questions the candidates have been given to address are:

  1. If elected, what steps would you take to support and/or participate in Davidson County Tourism and Recreation Master Plan?

  2. What do you think are Davidson County’s greatest assets?

  3. Alcoa’s Re-licensing process is underway until 2006, if elected, how would you actively support the ongoing efforts of recreational users, property owner, business owners, and lake organizations in regards to the relicensing? 

The Steering Committee for CPOHRL announces our endorsement of Loretta Martin and Fred McClure for Davidson County Board of Commissioners.

Ms. Martin has pledged her support of the issues vital to High Rock Lake and to work with lake organizations as a County Commissioner through the Alcoa relicensing process. She is committed to supporting the Davidson County Master Recreational and Tourism Plan and to improve the county’s economic resources.

Mr. McClure has agreed to continue to actively work as a County Commissioner to ensure improved lake operations in the relicensing process. During the last two years Mr. McClure has been active in this process as a citizen of Davidson County. He has promised to support the inclusion of High Rock Lake in the Master Recreational and Tourism plan in an effort to improve the economic development around the lake. 

The Steering Committee encourages Davidson County voters to support Loretta Martin and Fred McClure. Ms Martin and Mr. McClure, joining Max Walser on the Board, will provide High Rock Lake with needed support and leadership through the Alcoa re-licensing process that is critical for the future of the lake. We feel they will also provide the leadership and vision necessary for economic, recreational and tourism expansion in Davidson County.

Questions please contact:

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Steering Committee
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