March 17, 2017

Cube Hydro responded to our last email with this reply From Karen Baldwin stating they are committed to project license compliance and are already working hard to meet the many compliance deadlines ahead of them this year.  She then went on to assure us they are concurrently beginning work on the updated Shoreline Management Plan which is due by September 2019.

We were pleasantly surprised on March 14th when we received an invitation from Jody Smet to the first SMP review meeting.  This is not a public meeting.  This meeting will consist of the agency and stakeholder group representatives that participated in the SMP Issue Advisory Group during the relicensing negotiations.  The goal is to review the recommendations that were negotiated and submitted to FERC in the Relicensing Settlement Agreement to verify those recommendations are still appropriate and supported by the group. 

Jody was a APGI contractor during the relicensing negotiations and worked as a project manager scheduling most of the meetings and tracking the progress of each group.  Seems she was contacted and hired by Cube Hydro Carolinas this week to manage the processes addressing the future compliance issues for Cube Hydro.  Her familiarity with the participants involved and the issues that were addressed during the relicensing process should provide a beneficial jump; start to the processes going forward.  Subsequent conversations with her indicates that Cube may share our belief that many of the requirements listed in Article 407 of the project license have already been addressed in the RSA.  They appear to be hopeful the SMP updates can be completed with a minimum amount of new work and could POSSIBLY be submitted to FERC for review and approval considerably in advance of the September 2019 deadline.