Our Mission:

In 1986 the United States Congress passed the Electric Consumers Protection Act requiring the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to give the same level of consideration to the environment, recreation, fish and wildlife, and other nonpower values that it gives to power and development objectives in making a licensing decision

We want to insure that every person who has a stake in High Rock Lake and the Upper Yadkin River Basin is represented in all official relicensing meetings for FERC project 2197.   Stakeholders include interested environmentalists, recreational users, adjacent property owners and anyone who may be impacted economically by the current management of our natural resources

Our Goals for relicensing:

After hundreds of hours of participation in the Issue Advisory Groups and careful review of all of the studies associated with the relicensing process, we have updated our original goals to accurately reflect the combined goals of all of the High Rock Lake Coalition members.  We feel the scientific studies appropriately support our goals as a reasonable "Equal Consideration" of power generation, the environment, recreation, fish and wildlife, and other nonpower values.  As an organization representing the interests of over 8000 recreational users, SaveHighRockLake.org and the other organizations included in the High Rock Lake Coalition would like to see the following changes made during the relicensing of Project 2197.

  1. Operate High Rock Reservoir at a Target Level of  2.5 ft below “full pond” with authority to go to a 4 ft drawdown (not below elevation 619.9‘), as needed in order to maintain the minimum flows defined in item 6.
  2. Operate Tuckertown Reservoir at a target elevation of 2.5 ft. below “full pond”.
  3. Operate Narrows Reservoir at a Target Level of 2.5 ft. below “full pond” with authority to go to a 4 ft drawdown (not below elevation 537.6‘), as needed in order to maintain the minimum flows defined in item 6.
  4. Operate Falls Reservoir with reservoir fluctuations of 4 ft or less
  5. The mode of operation for all lakes will be modified run of river, implemented so as to maximize value of generation during peak periods, and shutting down turbines depending upon reservoir inflow so as to allow return to target elevation during any 24 hour period.
  6. Operate the project with the goal of providing a year round, daily average minimum flow of not less than 900 cfs from the Project, as measured at the Falls development.  The proposed 900 cfs represents a 60% contribution from the Yadkin Project to a target flow at Rockingham of 1500 cfs.  The 60% contribution of the target flow is based on the approximate drainage area of the Yadkin Project (4,190 sq mi), as a portion of the total drainage area above Rockingham (6,840 sq mi). If depletion of reservoir storage is required to meet downstream minimum flow requirements, withdrawals will be proportionally from High Rock (63%) and Tuckertown/Narrows (37%).

  7. Operate the project in accordance with the terms of a Low Inflow Protocol if Target Level violations occur for five (5) consecutive days.  Water needed from storage during times of low inflow or drought should be drawn from High Rock, Tuckertown, and Narrows reservoirs in a way that will prevent one reservoir from being unduly burdened with all the environmental, recreational, aesthetic and economic costs of unusual drawdown conditions.

  8. Improve the water quality IN High Rock Lake through better lake management practices, not beginning below the dam. Include maintenance operations to remove floating trees and other debris which is a hazard to navigation and increases nutrient loads, stabilization of water levels to reduce bank erosion, and active cleanup of shorelines of floating trash and debris.

  9. Improve existing Access Areas to provide compliance with federal and state ADA regulations, dusk to dawn security lighting, and toilet facilities. Improve the Second Creek Access Area to provide a more complete public recreation site in Rowan County on High Rock Reservoir with ample parking, boat launching, swimming facility, and lake viewing areas. Provide ADA accessible public Fishing Piers on High Rock, one in Rowan County and one in Davidson County. 

  10. Provide funding as required for the purpose of installing navigational aids at High Rock Lake (channel markers, danger, no wake, etc.).  These buoys will be lighted, located both at bridges and main channels of the main body of the lake and major creek branches.  All bridges over reservoir waters shall be equipped with fixed lights as prescribed by the U.S. Coast Guard.   

  11. Modify the Yadkin Shoreline Management Plan through a collaborative process of the existing IAG that includes state and federal agencies, public recreation users, non-governmental organizations and shoreline property owners.  Complete modifications to the SMP so as to be effective concurrent with a new FERC license.


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Last modified: February 21, 2018