The High Rock Lake Coalition

The High Rock Lake Coalition was formed to coordinate the efforts of local non governmental organizations in the relicensing of FERC Project 2197. As a unified group we hope to maximize the representation of the collective membership of all of the groups and effect positive changes in the way the Project is managed.

High Rock Lake Coalition Mission Statement:

The mission of the coalition is to combine the resources and strengths of all interested parties to provide for the preservation of the Yadkin River basin and High Rock Lake to protect the natural environment for the fish, wildlife and recreational use.

The Coalition meets monthly and consists of an independent Chairperson and three executive members from each of the following local organizations:

Chairperson: Lisa Tomlin

Concerned Property Owners of High Rock Lake

Terry Bargy   Lee Hinson   Don Seitz

High Rock Lake Association

Larry Jones   Elizabeth Wilson   Mel Wofford

High Rock Lake Business Owners Association

Lynn & Stephany Farquhar   Mark Odom   Carroll & Karen Tysinger

Jim Melton   Robert "Pete" Petree   Susie Swing


As a group we support the following goals

Operate High Rock Lake as "Run of River"

Maintain High Rock Lake at approximately 2.5 feet below full pool

Update the Shoreline Management Plan

Create a workable "Drought Contingency Plan"

Improvement of Water Quality in High Rock Lake